Tuesday 5 May 2015

Choose your rental car suppliers at any airport

You can avoid certain car hire suppliers at airport locations, or choose your favourite one. At STEP2 of our online booking process, down the left hand side menu is a filter CAR RENTAL AGENT (+)

Monday 9 June 2014

Returning a rental car out of hours with Tipoa at Bournemouth Airport

Tipoa Car Hire offer competitive rental car rates at Bournemouth Airport with our partners Hertz and Europcar 

Bournemouth "Hurn" airport is a very small airport and requires all of our support, to ensure it remains in operation. 
Nearest 24 hour petrol station to Bournemouth Airport
24 hour Petrol at Tesco, Pennys Walk, Ferndown

If you need to top up your fuel tank when returning the car, one of the nearest petrol stations is the local Tesco at Ferndown, which is open 24 hours. The address is:-  Pennys Walk, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9TH

How to return a Hire Car out of hours at Bournemouth Airport
Tipoa, Europcar & Hertz key drop boxes

The rental car suppliers at Bournemouth do operate restricted opening hours and are normally closed on a Sunday, although special arrangements can be made to collect a car.

Returning a car on a Sunday or out of hours , when the local car hire companies offices are not staffed, you can use the key drop box provided.

Tipoa always highly recommend whenever you return a rental car you photograph it thoroughly. Especially when there is no member of staff in attendance, so you will always have proof of the condition if the car when you returned it .

When returning a hire car at Bournemouth Airport be sure to inform security at the barrier you are returning a rental car. As charges will apply, if you do not. The airport charges everyone £2.50 for 30 minutes, when dropping or collecting people.

Friday 15 November 2013

Discover Spain with Tipoa Car Hire and the #ShootinginSpain HD Video

shootinginspain Tipoa Car Hire
View this truly amazing & unique video in full HD & see #Spain as never before.

Unusual facts about this wonderful country.

We recommend you view this video full screen in HD. 

Did you know Spain has:-

Spain has Snow Capped Mountains for nine months of the year - ski with Tipoa
Snow Capped Mountains 9 months of the year

Spain has Sunshine 300 days a year -
Sunshine 300 days a year
Spain has 2,500 Castles - see them in your Tipoa Hire Car
2,500 Castles

Spain has 4,900 miles of Coastline - drive it in your Tipoa Rental Car
4,900 miles of Coastline

Spain has 13,450 miles of Rivers
13,450 miles of Rivers
Spain has 2,600 miles of Mountains - tackle them in your Tipoa 4x4
2,600 miles of Mountains
Spain has 1,650 square miles of Desert
1,650 square miles of Desert

Spain has 63 Cities with over 100,000 people
63 Cities with over 100,000 people
Spain has 103,020 miles of Roads - drive ether all in your Tipoa Rental Car
103,020 miles of Roads
 Everywhere in Spain is a one hour flight
    Everywhere in Spain is a one hour flight
    Spain has 10 Different Climates
    10 Different Climates

    Tipoa Car Hire have over 5,000 locations in Spain

    What are you waiting for ....... start your journey

    Saturday 28 September 2013

    Tipoa Rental Car at Miami International Airport [MIA]

    Car Hire Miami MIA Airport with Tipoa Car Hire at the RCC centre
    Tipoa Rental Car at the RCC Miami

    The new MIA Mover monorail at the Miami International Airport [MIA], transports travellers from MIA's 3rd level train station located between the Flamingo and Dolphin garages to the RCC’s spacious fourth-level customer service lobby, where they can pick the company and vehicle of their choice from a combined inventory of 6,500 rental cars.

    The RCC, serves approximately 17,000 customers daily, has the capability to wash and re-fuel 300 vehicles per hour because of its multi-level fuelling system - the first of its kind in the U.S. – and state-of-the-art Quick Turnaround Area, which includes 120 gas pump positions and 42 car wash bays on three vehicle storage levels.

    If you are considering Florida for your next vacation or as a business destination, visit Tipoa Rental Car at Miami Airport.

    Monday 16 September 2013

    Hotel shortage in Rio de Janeiro for FIFA world cup 2014

    Apparently there could be a hotel bedroom shortage in Rio de Janeiro for the FIFA World Cup tournament .

    Well so far there is no predicted shortage of Rental Cars, by why not check out the available rates now !

    Also a specialist sports travel hospitality company based in Brazil, called INTERESTING are worth exploring.

    The FIFA World Cup 2014 begins on Thursday, June 12 and ends on Sunday, July 13

    Wednesday 4 September 2013

    Sixt Car Hire Cross Border Permissions Toulouse Airport France

    Many clients may not be aware of unusual cross border travel restrictions in Europe.

    SIXT Rental Car for example, have restrictions on certain models of cars being driven over the border.

    High value cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin and VW cars cannot be driven across many european borders.

    Potential vehicle theft is likely the reason for these restrictions.

    To read more on SIXT cross borders restrictions click here

    Monday 24 June 2013

    Car Hire Marble Arch Sunday Morning


    I am an american visiting London and was walking around the Marble Arch, King Cross area at 09:00am on Sunday morning. I did a search at google.com for car hire central London on my iPhone. I called the Tipoa Car Hire telephone number and was told that I had to use the internet to make a reservation. I made it clear I wanted a car now and I was only on a mobile phone, but they repeated, it was the only way to make a reservation with them. Nevertheless, I did go to their website and in fact i downloaded their FREE iPhone / iPad APP. I found this free APP very useful as it pin-pointed precisely on the map where I was, which was great as I wasn't sure how far I had walked and where the nearest rental car locations where. Cut a long story short I made a reservation to collect a car at Marble Arch in one hour's time (10:00 am) and drop the car at Bristol Airport, 4 days later. Including the one-way fee, I was charged €184, which i thought wasn't bad as a one-way British Rail ( Great Western) train ticket was €75. On this occasion and my first booking, I was super impressed with Tipoa Car Hire..

    Marriot Hotel Marble Hotel London
    Tipoa Car Hire Marble Arch

    Tyson Small