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Southampton Airport has armed its dedicated team of Airport Ambassadors with iPads to take customer service to the next level.

The Airport Ambassadors assist passengers with hundreds of enquiries each day and are now able to use the iPad to answer almost any questions put to them: from the time of the next train, the weather at their destination, cruise ship information, and even translating brochures into foreign languages.
Neil Garwood, Head of Customer Service for Southampton Airport, said: “Our team of Airport Ambassadors are specially trained to help with passenger enquiries right across the airport, rather than from behind a desk. We wanted to continue to develop the friendly service that the airport is well known for, and so we needed to be able to provide the latest up-to-date information, whilst on the move. The iPad is the ideal tool for this, and the larger screen means the information can be shared more easily too.”

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Major disruption today November 30th 2011 across the whole of UK airports and ports