Sunday 31 March 2013

Flash floods cause deaths and chaos in Mauritius

At least 11 people have died after sudden rains caused flooding in the Mauritian capital Port Louis on Saturday, officials have said.

Read More at the BBC News website :-

Monday 25 March 2013

Hire the brand new VW Golf 7

Our supplier Europcar in Belgium, France, Germany & Great Britain are offering the 7th generation of Golf and it's a little sporty !


Thursday 7 March 2013

Arrivals Hall Phuket International Airport we are moving

Phuket Rental Car services provided by Tipoa and it's local partners are pleased to announce that from the 18th March 2013, our offices will be located inside the terminal at the Arrivals Hall. This is a welcome change and the first time car hire operators have been permitted to be located inside the airport itself.

We and all the other Phuket rent-a-car companies are currently located just across the road, in old and very congested office & parking space.

The other important piece of information I must share with you is, there no longer is any local petrol station at the airport, or the close proximity?

I have no idea why, but the last remaining gas station at the airport has closed.

This now means if you are returning a car and want to top up the tank, you must do this at the only Petrol Station before the airport on the main road from  Phuket Town (south of the island) the 402, the is only a few hundred meters/yards from the main junction where you would leave the 402 turning left at the traffic lights using the exit lane on to the 4026

The precise location of this SUSCO garage is shown on the map to the left of these instructions. It is about 5 miles from the airport.Make sure you check to see if it is diesel or petrol you need.

Always ask for a receipt, it may be useful if ever you are challenged as to whether you filled up the tank or not. The thai word for receipt is "bizet" (pronounced bi set)

Okay so now you should be heading toward the airport on the 4026, this is a fast bit of road, with some dual carriageway and is currently being widen and renewed. 

Eventually after about 5 minutes of travelling, having turned left off the 402, you reach the end of the road at newly constructed traffic lights where you turn right. On route you may see a garage hidden on the right hand side, don't be fooled this is a LPG station only.

Drive another few minutes and the main entrance to the airport is on the left hand side next to a very large portrait of the king.

If you can take a few photos of the car with your phone, it is always advisable. Check over any paperwork with the staff and be sure that any damage/marks are agreed, if appropriate. Get back any receipts, especially the "deposit credit card receipt", which is normally held until the car is returned. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes for the return of the car, the inspection and paperwork formalities. Bon Voyage !

Monday 4 March 2013

Martinique Fort de France article update

I just wanted to remind you all that the information on Tipoa Rental Car locations on Martinique have been updated.

Fort de France is the capital of France's Caribbean Island. It may surprise you that although it is over 7000km from Brussels, it is in the European Community and has the EURO as it's currency.

So if you would like to work in Martinique and you are a resident of the EU then you shouldn't have any restrictions.

Tipoa are based at the Fort de France Airport, also known as Lamentin International Airport [FDF], which is located 7 km from the capital.

Other locations Tipoa have on the island are:-

Friday 1 March 2013

Malaysia Airlines Office Phuket

Well once again I am giving advice on how to find somewhere on the island of Phuket, Thailand. This time it is the only office of Malaysia Airlines and it is on the edge of Phuket Town itself near the Phuket Town Merlin Hotel.

I personal use Malaysia Airlines and it's partners when I fly anywhere, so for me it's important to know where each local office is, as not all activities can be achieved on their website or by telephone.

I have been to this office a number of times and you will find it open most days, except public holidays. They do not close for lunch and to my knowledge the same two girls have been working there for at least 8 years.

Both speak excellent English both at Thai nationals and not Malaysian.

The official address and contact details are :-

Tungka Road Muang District
1/8-9 Tungka Road Muang District
Phuket 83000
+66 76 2166 75
+66 76 2174 00
+66 76 2137 49/2344 67/2166 75

There is plenty of room to park and the office is directly across the car park from the main entrance of the Phuket Merlin Hotel. It can be a little tricky to find as the Malaysia Airlines office is not listed on many if any mapping systems. So it is probably best to insert the Merlin Hotel Phuket Town and follow directions there.

These photos give you an idea of the landmarks and signs to look out for. There are two separate entrances on two different roads, as the office is situated on the corner of two main roads ( Mae Luan Road & Tungkhar Road )at a traffic light junction.

Can I also make a suggestion, that if you are a little hungry or in the very unlikely event the office is busy. Consider popping into the Merlin Hotel as they provide a great low priced local thai buffet lunch.

I found the selection of food excellent and there were plenty of staff and the hotel is clean. Expect t pay about 150 baht (4€) per person, that includes a soft drink.