Friday 15 November 2013

Discover Spain with Tipoa Car Hire and the #ShootinginSpain HD Video

shootinginspain Tipoa Car Hire
View this truly amazing & unique video in full HD & see #Spain as never before.

Unusual facts about this wonderful country.

We recommend you view this video full screen in HD. 

Did you know Spain has:-

Spain has Snow Capped Mountains for nine months of the year - ski with Tipoa
Snow Capped Mountains 9 months of the year

Spain has Sunshine 300 days a year -
Sunshine 300 days a year
Spain has 2,500 Castles - see them in your Tipoa Hire Car
2,500 Castles

Spain has 4,900 miles of Coastline - drive it in your Tipoa Rental Car
4,900 miles of Coastline

Spain has 13,450 miles of Rivers
13,450 miles of Rivers
Spain has 2,600 miles of Mountains - tackle them in your Tipoa 4x4
2,600 miles of Mountains
Spain has 1,650 square miles of Desert
1,650 square miles of Desert

Spain has 63 Cities with over 100,000 people
63 Cities with over 100,000 people
Spain has 103,020 miles of Roads - drive ether all in your Tipoa Rental Car
103,020 miles of Roads
 Everywhere in Spain is a one hour flight
    Everywhere in Spain is a one hour flight
    Spain has 10 Different Climates
    10 Different Climates

    Tipoa Car Hire have over 5,000 locations in Spain

    What are you waiting for ....... start your journey

    Saturday 28 September 2013

    Tipoa Rental Car at Miami International Airport [MIA]

    Car Hire Miami MIA Airport with Tipoa Car Hire at the RCC centre
    Tipoa Rental Car at the RCC Miami

    The new MIA Mover monorail at the Miami International Airport [MIA], transports travellers from MIA's 3rd level train station located between the Flamingo and Dolphin garages to the RCC’s spacious fourth-level customer service lobby, where they can pick the company and vehicle of their choice from a combined inventory of 6,500 rental cars.

    The RCC, serves approximately 17,000 customers daily, has the capability to wash and re-fuel 300 vehicles per hour because of its multi-level fuelling system - the first of its kind in the U.S. – and state-of-the-art Quick Turnaround Area, which includes 120 gas pump positions and 42 car wash bays on three vehicle storage levels.

    If you are considering Florida for your next vacation or as a business destination, visit Tipoa Rental Car at Miami Airport.

    Monday 16 September 2013

    Hotel shortage in Rio de Janeiro for FIFA world cup 2014

    Apparently there could be a hotel bedroom shortage in Rio de Janeiro for the FIFA World Cup tournament .

    Well so far there is no predicted shortage of Rental Cars, by why not check out the available rates now !

    Also a specialist sports travel hospitality company based in Brazil, called INTERESTING are worth exploring.

    The FIFA World Cup 2014 begins on Thursday, June 12 and ends on Sunday, July 13

    Wednesday 4 September 2013

    Sixt Car Hire Cross Border Permissions Toulouse Airport France

    Many clients may not be aware of unusual cross border travel restrictions in Europe.

    SIXT Rental Car for example, have restrictions on certain models of cars being driven over the border.

    High value cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin and VW cars cannot be driven across many european borders.

    Potential vehicle theft is likely the reason for these restrictions.

    To read more on SIXT cross borders restrictions click here

    Monday 24 June 2013

    Car Hire Marble Arch Sunday Morning


    I am an american visiting London and was walking around the Marble Arch, King Cross area at 09:00am on Sunday morning. I did a search at for car hire central London on my iPhone. I called the Tipoa Car Hire telephone number and was told that I had to use the internet to make a reservation. I made it clear I wanted a car now and I was only on a mobile phone, but they repeated, it was the only way to make a reservation with them. Nevertheless, I did go to their website and in fact i downloaded their FREE iPhone / iPad APP. I found this free APP very useful as it pin-pointed precisely on the map where I was, which was great as I wasn't sure how far I had walked and where the nearest rental car locations where. Cut a long story short I made a reservation to collect a car at Marble Arch in one hour's time (10:00 am) and drop the car at Bristol Airport, 4 days later. Including the one-way fee, I was charged €184, which i thought wasn't bad as a one-way British Rail ( Great Western) train ticket was €75. On this occasion and my first booking, I was super impressed with Tipoa Car Hire..

    Marriot Hotel Marble Hotel London
    Tipoa Car Hire Marble Arch

    Tyson Small

    Sunday 31 March 2013

    Flash floods cause deaths and chaos in Mauritius

    At least 11 people have died after sudden rains caused flooding in the Mauritian capital Port Louis on Saturday, officials have said.

    Read More at the BBC News website :-

    Monday 25 March 2013

    Hire the brand new VW Golf 7

    Our supplier Europcar in Belgium, France, Germany & Great Britain are offering the 7th generation of Golf and it's a little sporty !


    Thursday 7 March 2013

    Arrivals Hall Phuket International Airport we are moving

    Phuket Rental Car services provided by Tipoa and it's local partners are pleased to announce that from the 18th March 2013, our offices will be located inside the terminal at the Arrivals Hall. This is a welcome change and the first time car hire operators have been permitted to be located inside the airport itself.

    We and all the other Phuket rent-a-car companies are currently located just across the road, in old and very congested office & parking space.

    The other important piece of information I must share with you is, there no longer is any local petrol station at the airport, or the close proximity?

    I have no idea why, but the last remaining gas station at the airport has closed.

    This now means if you are returning a car and want to top up the tank, you must do this at the only Petrol Station before the airport on the main road from  Phuket Town (south of the island) the 402, the is only a few hundred meters/yards from the main junction where you would leave the 402 turning left at the traffic lights using the exit lane on to the 4026

    The precise location of this SUSCO garage is shown on the map to the left of these instructions. It is about 5 miles from the airport.Make sure you check to see if it is diesel or petrol you need.

    Always ask for a receipt, it may be useful if ever you are challenged as to whether you filled up the tank or not. The thai word for receipt is "bizet" (pronounced bi set)

    Okay so now you should be heading toward the airport on the 4026, this is a fast bit of road, with some dual carriageway and is currently being widen and renewed. 

    Eventually after about 5 minutes of travelling, having turned left off the 402, you reach the end of the road at newly constructed traffic lights where you turn right. On route you may see a garage hidden on the right hand side, don't be fooled this is a LPG station only.

    Drive another few minutes and the main entrance to the airport is on the left hand side next to a very large portrait of the king.

    If you can take a few photos of the car with your phone, it is always advisable. Check over any paperwork with the staff and be sure that any damage/marks are agreed, if appropriate. Get back any receipts, especially the "deposit credit card receipt", which is normally held until the car is returned. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes for the return of the car, the inspection and paperwork formalities. Bon Voyage !

    Monday 4 March 2013

    Martinique Fort de France article update

    I just wanted to remind you all that the information on Tipoa Rental Car locations on Martinique have been updated.

    Fort de France is the capital of France's Caribbean Island. It may surprise you that although it is over 7000km from Brussels, it is in the European Community and has the EURO as it's currency.

    So if you would like to work in Martinique and you are a resident of the EU then you shouldn't have any restrictions.

    Tipoa are based at the Fort de France Airport, also known as Lamentin International Airport [FDF], which is located 7 km from the capital.

    Other locations Tipoa have on the island are:-

    Friday 1 March 2013

    Malaysia Airlines Office Phuket

    Well once again I am giving advice on how to find somewhere on the island of Phuket, Thailand. This time it is the only office of Malaysia Airlines and it is on the edge of Phuket Town itself near the Phuket Town Merlin Hotel.

    I personal use Malaysia Airlines and it's partners when I fly anywhere, so for me it's important to know where each local office is, as not all activities can be achieved on their website or by telephone.

    I have been to this office a number of times and you will find it open most days, except public holidays. They do not close for lunch and to my knowledge the same two girls have been working there for at least 8 years.

    Both speak excellent English both at Thai nationals and not Malaysian.

    The official address and contact details are :-

    Tungka Road Muang District
    1/8-9 Tungka Road Muang District
    Phuket 83000
    +66 76 2166 75
    +66 76 2174 00
    +66 76 2137 49/2344 67/2166 75

    There is plenty of room to park and the office is directly across the car park from the main entrance of the Phuket Merlin Hotel. It can be a little tricky to find as the Malaysia Airlines office is not listed on many if any mapping systems. So it is probably best to insert the Merlin Hotel Phuket Town and follow directions there.

    These photos give you an idea of the landmarks and signs to look out for. There are two separate entrances on two different roads, as the office is situated on the corner of two main roads ( Mae Luan Road & Tungkhar Road )at a traffic light junction.

    Can I also make a suggestion, that if you are a little hungry or in the very unlikely event the office is busy. Consider popping into the Merlin Hotel as they provide a great low priced local thai buffet lunch.

    I found the selection of food excellent and there were plenty of staff and the hotel is clean. Expect t pay about 150 baht (4€) per person, that includes a soft drink.

    Tuesday 26 February 2013

    Greetings from Thailand

    I am experimenting with the BLOGGER , post by email feature. This blog was sent via email from my laptop, whilst having a nice Salmon & Cheese Bagel at Au Bon Pain at the Jungceylon Shopping Mall in Patong on the island of Phuket.

    I am about the visit the Tipoa Car Hire, which is just across the road near the Patong Hard Rock Cafe !

    Friday 8 February 2013

    Stansted Airport Car Hire - Great Britain

    Walk out of arrivals after baggage claim and look left

    Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Enterprise, Alamo and more
    Stansted Airport [STN] is a modern and clean UK airport, located North East of London. It is the UK operational hub of low cost airline Ryanair. 

    Rental Car suppliers who are linked to the online Tipoa booking system are broken down into two categories; "on-airport" & "off airport". 

    The off-airport ones are very nearby on the perimeter of the airport and are served by frequent free shuttle buses. These suppliers offer normally the lowest rates.

    The on-airport hire car suppliers could not be easier to locate. When you leave the baggage claim area, walk through duty free toward the exit. On your left next to Burger King are all the rental car desks.

    On this occasion I made my way to Sixt to present my voucher. It is worth noting that just on the outside pillar of the SIXT office the out-of-hours key drop box is located.

    From whichever car supplier Tipoa has chosen for your on-airport reservation at Stansted, exit through the first large revolving door you come to on your left on leaving the rental car counter. Then turn immediate left down the ramp and follow the overhead signs.
    Sixt rental desk at Stansted. Out of hours rental car key drop box at Stansted
    All of the on-airport rental companies are a maximum of a 5 minute walk under a covered walkway. If you reservation is for a non-airport supplier, such as Green Motion, exit the airport in the same way and wait at the rental car shuttle bus stop.

    The walkway is well signposted by each of the rental car suppliers. 


    On arrival at your supplier make sure you photograph the car all round, if you have time to avoid any misunderstandings on your return. This way you have a visual record of any scratches or dents there may be, It is also wise to check if the car is Petrol or Diesel and if you have to return it full or empty.

    It always wise when you make your reservation online with Tipoa to insert your mobile number rather than office or home, if you know your mobile will work when you are away. You will receive your SMS reminder, just in case you forgot who your rental car supplier is this time !

    Now it is time to depart the car park, insert you complimentary ticket to open the barrier. Remember to turn immediately left and drive in the left hand side of the road. Click here to see what other countries drive on the left hand side of the road.

    Follow signs for the M11 to drive the London, it is well signposted. London is approximately a 45 minute drive. Enjoy your Tipoa Rental Car !

    Returning your rental car to Heathrow Airport

    On this occasion my rental was a one-way hire, collecting at SIXT Stansted and returning the hire car to Heathrow.

    Sixt Heathrow are located very close to the perimeter of the airport, opposite the Jurys Inn Hotel, with access to their office via the BP fuel station on the A30. This was every convenient for filing the diesel car up before my return.

    The polish staff were very organised and friendly. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. ( but this was early Sunday morning). Then the Sixt shuttle bus driver drove me to terminal 3 , in the brand new mercedes bus.

    Make sure you check in advance which terminal at Heathrow, your airlines uses. Given my entire four day experience, I can highly recommend Sixt Car Hire.

    Saturday 26 January 2013

    Salt Lake City - our featured destination

    Tipoa Rental Cars Utah
    Travelling to Salt Lake City on business or pleasure, remember to take with you your free Tipoa Rental Car APP. It shows all the nearby Tipoa Hire Car locations. If you are visiting the LDS Tabernacle or the nearby ski resorts of Snowbird and Park City, famous also for it's Sundance Film Festival, we have a conveniently located office for you. Download the Tipoa app from

    Sunday 20 January 2013

    Car Hire Insurance Explained

    Renting a car can be a daunting experience – language issues, local car rental laws, different driving rules, jargon and extra charges can all make life complicated. Tipoa Car Hire clarifies in this document some of the terminology used and offers useful tips on successful car hire.

    1. Let’s start at the beginning...Choosing your hire car

    There are plenty of car hire companies (suppliers) out there (e.g. Hertz, Avis), there are plenty of brokers out there (e.g. British Car Hire, Tipoa, TopAutoverHuur). In fact if you go to Google and enter some of the key search terms such as ‘car hire’, ‘car rental’, ‘cheap car hire’ you will be bombarded with plenty of options. Let’s start with the car hire companies (suppliers). These are the well-known international brands that we are all familiar with. Hertz, Alamo, Europcar, large multinational companies with a presence in most cities and airports. These also include local outfits, which own cars and operate them at the destination.

    2. The Extras

    If an option, take the car with a full tank of fuel and return the tank with a full tank of fuel. Find out where the closest fuel station is when you collect the car so you know where to go on the way home. The reason that the rental company wants you to prepay for gas is simple. You will always return the car with gas in it. Nobody will take the chance of running out of gas by trying to run the tank empty.

    Additional drivers and young/old driver surcharges
    Think who will be driving the car and check the costs for adding an additional driver or more. An additional driver can usually cost an extra £3-£6 per day payable locally.
    The minimum rental age is normally 21, though if under the age of 25 you are likely to incur an extra daily charge.

    Child Seats
    Infant/booster seats for children under 12 years are mandatory in most countries in the EU, so should be provided if requested.

    Snow Chains/Ski Racks/Snow Tyres
    If you are heading for the snow then think about all the equipment that you have and the size of car that you will require.

    Late return fees
    Check exactly what the late return fees are.

    Unlimited mileage tends to be the norm.

    Excess Waiver
    Excess waiver is the additional insurance that is sold to you at the counter when you collect your car to either reduce your excess in part or in total.

    PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)
    Pays out if you kill or maim yourself or a passenger.

    Personal Effects
    Covers your personal effects such as baggage if stolen from your vehicle.

    3. Insurance Explained

    What insurance is included and what is excluded is often the most difficult element to understand when hiring a car, so let’s make it simple.

    There are a few ways to reduce your excess to zero

         a) Super CDW

         b) Damage Excess Waiver (DEW)

         c) Excess Insurance

    4. Collecting The Car

    You have just arrived at your destination and all you want to do is jump in the car and go. There’s a queue, you have the kids with you and the temptation is to just rush everything. It’s quite simple. DON’T.

    Once you are in the car...

    Familiarise yourself with the vehicle: your seat position, lights, heating, wipers, warning lights.

    5. Returning The Car

    The same principles apply when returning the car. DON’T RUSH!

    1. Take photographs of your rental car when you collect it and return it.
    2. Try to avoid returning the car outside of normal office hours, as just leaving the keys means you have not gone through the full return process, and you are liable for the car until the car rental company opens the following day.
    3. Inspect the car with a representative of the car rental company to ensure that there are no problems.
    4. Wait for a printed copy of the final report.
    5. Take photos of the car when you return it to show that there is no damage.
    6. Check the seat pockets and seat wells for any items that you might have left in the car.
    7. Finally keep the copy of the car rental agreement and any damage report until your next credit card statement arrives. That way if you need to claim on your insurance or dispute the transaction you will have the information to hand.

    For more detailed information, please download our Insurance Brochure:

    Source: Daniel Smith from
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