Tuesday 19 July 2011

Rules Of The Road In Africa

Find out all you need to know when driving in Africa. When you are on holiday in Africa, do as the Africans do, and particularly when it comes to the rules of engagement on the road. Read on for more about our the most important Rules of the Road in Africa.

Below are a few well placed travel tips, which if followed correctly and adhered to will take you a long way. Keep these tips in mind, ensuring your African adventure remains safe and fun, with minimal hassles to hinder the journey into the wild.
Some fundamental rules of the road when driving in South Africa are to be remembered at all times. Travelling throughout South Africa through its many regions be it Jozy, Durbz, or Cape Town the road rules remain the same - even if you hire a car in South Africa be it Cape Town car hire, or Joburg car hire you will still need to adhere to these rules. To avoid any possible collisions, as well as hefty fines, here are some important tips!

Essential Traffic Rules:- 18 years is the legal age for drivers.
- There is zero tolerance for drinking and driving.
- Mobile phones and driving are a no-no.
- Seat belts need to be worn at all times while driving.
- Driving occurs on the left side of the road.
- When hiring a car, and international license may need to be presented.

Things you need to know:- The metric system used in South Africa to measure distance and speed is in kilometres.
- Keep to the left and pass on the right when travelling along dual carriageways.
- When someone in South Africa mentions ‘robots’ they are referring to traffic lights, not some futuristic android!
- The speed limit for national highways and the  main roads is 120km/h.
- The speed limit in urban areas, cities and town side streets is 60km/h.
- Filling up on petrol is done at ‘Petrol stations’ or ‘Garages’, and are NOT self service. Petrol attendants will assist you in filling up on petrol, water, oil, etc.

General driving safety tips:- Do NOT exceed speed limits as they are put in place to ensure safety to all drivers on the road.
- Headlights will increase visibility in dusty, wet or windy conditions.
- It is advisable to check the state of your vehicle each new day you use it; for water, oil and whether your indicators work, as these are essential to safe driving.
- Animals are wild in Africa, and certain roads have no fencing to ward animals off the road, so always be aware of this fact and watch out for animals in the roads.
- Plan ahead when travelling long distances, as petrol stations are not always easy to come by, so check your maps, and plan accordingly.
- Be security conscious. Keep doors locked at all times.
- Do NOT pick up hitchhikers; we have all heard the many horror stories that accompany hitchhikers so be wise!
South Africa is a beautiful country, with many diverse vistas and little nooks and crannys of pocketed gems. A self-drive through South Africa is the best way to uncover the jewels of Africa, so brush up on your road rules, and ‘Hit the road Jack’, as adventure waits for no-one.

If you have any South Africa driving tips please let us know. Thank You.

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