Sunday, 9 December 2012

Green Motion Heathrow Airport

A recent Tipoa customer sent us a review of their experience at London's Heathrow Airport and one of our rental car supplier's Green Motion:

Green Motion Office at Heathrow Airport

You have to go to Bus Stop 3 directly outside Terminal 1 after exiting the arrivals hall. The bus stop is marked BUS STOP 3 and you take the bus number H1 marked "H1 Holiday Inn (M4)" There is a bus every 20 minutes from 04:42 and from 15:22 every 25 minutes. The bus ticket costs £4.50 single and £8.00 return. The journey time is about 15 mins (it goes via Terminal 3).

The car rental office of Green Motion had two members of staff. Process time took 15 minutes for the paperwork. The office itself is located in separate building right outside the Holiday Inn entrance. I received a new clean car (about 8,200 Miles). Overall process time takes 30 minutes by time you check over the car.
Clean new car (8,200 Miles)

It was a similar experience when I returned the vehicle. Overall time from arriving at the Green Motion office to returning to Heathrow again takes 30 minutes.

The bus stops at two other hotels nearby, close to the M4 motorway, but the bus journey itself was only 15 minutes.

The whole process ran very smoothly, given I arrived on a Monday morning and departed on a Saturday afternoon. - On this ocassion I can definately recommend booking online with and
there is no need to avoid Green Motion as often they are the cheapest option.

The car hire office is opposite Holiday Inn
Brian thank you for this review! we hope it will assist others. If any other customers, wish to provide similar articles on their travelling experiences, then we would be more than happy to publish it to our blog. (good or bad)

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